Custom Coils Manufactures High Current Inductors

High Current Inductors

High current inductors take on many shapes and sizes. Custom Coils has several series of axial leaded, radial leaded and drum core shaped inductors available.

The different series of cores have been segmented for easier cross-reference and search. Keep in mind, all parts can be altered and customized for your application.

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Series Definitions

Custom Coils Series Features
HCA Series Axial Leads
High Dielectric RatingHigh
Saturation Current
HCC Series Axial Leads
Low Cost Design
Good Energy Storage
HCF Series Minimum PC Board Space
High Frequency
Specified Minimum Q
HCP Series Largest Range of Inductance
Highest Current Rating
Minimum PC Board Space
HCR Series

Radial Leads
High Current Rating
High Dielectric Voltage

HCS Series Radial Leads
Compact Size and Low Cost
High Dielectric Voltage

Reference Guides

High Current Axial and Drum Core Inductor Cross Reference Guide

  • ACT
  • Coilcraft
  • Vishay Dale
  • Delevan
  • Gowanda
  • Inductor Supply
  • Jeffers
  • JW Miller
  • KOA
  • Nytron
  • RCD
  • Renco
  • Wilco
  • 3-L


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