Advantages and Applications of Trigger Transformers

Applications of Trigger Transformers

Trigger transformers are high voltage transformers, which are designed to produce short duration pulses of a few microseconds. They are typically used to ensure that the ionization process takes place, and the current is allowed to pass through the electrical leads.

Advantages of Trigger Transformers

Trigger transformers can provide a variety of application advantages:

  • Connection Flexibility: One of the most common applications where trigger transformers are used is flash bulbs. In many applications, multiple flash bulbs can be used to create colorful displays. Trigger transformers are useful in such applications as multiple transformers can be configured together to create this display.
  • Size Benefits: Depending on the application requirements, trigger transformers can be designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes. Small sized transformers are more cost-effective than large sized ones. However, larger sized transformers can provide more current in series trigger transformer applications.
  • High Frequency Designs: Many trigger transformers are designed with ferrite cores, which run at high frequencies. These allow for low power losses, enabling the transformers to last for long periods of time. These are specially designed for applications involving portable circuitry.
  • Protection of Application Devices: Due to the use of high voltage, there is always a possibility of components in the application devices getting damaged. Trigger transformers can be designed to ensure the safety of the devices. The transformer can be designed with current limits to prevent the transformer tube from drawing excess current.

 Trigger Transformer Applications

While the trigger transformer can be used with a variety of application devices, some of the most well-known ones are included here:

  • Arc lamps
  • Strobe lights
  • Flash lamps
  • Flash Tubes
  • Gas laser tubes
  • Fluorescent lights

 Trigger transformers can provide a variety of benefits to different electrical devices and equipment, which require high voltage pulses.