Versatile Inverter Transformers for Supporting Power Conversion Applications

High Voltage Transformer

Inverter transformers have gained immense traction owing to their application in low scale power conversion. The working principle of these transformers is simple as it combines the functionality of the inverter with transformer. Inverter transformers are transformers in inverter circuits. These voltage fed inverter transformers are designed to support various electronic applications. These are electronic transformers used to convert power from Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC). Custom Coils provides inverting transformers, which can support low as well as high power applications.

Our power inverter transformers are designed to support applications consisting of inverter circuits. Generally, circuit switches can be alternated to turn on or off. The switching chops up a DC signal and makes it look like an AC signal. The main aspect of the Custom Coils transformer inverter is that it can step up or step down this chopped up DC signal.

Inverter transformers offer a variety of benefits to the application and customer. They are designed to be lightweight, small in size, and portable. These transformers comprise primary and secondary windings. The AC is passed through the primary windings when the switching action takes place. This allows the transformer to control the level of voltage for the application. The core of the transformer is designed to alternate between positive and negative flux directions. This means that the transformer core has bipolar utilization. A small sized core is used, thus a few winding turns are required to generate the required amount of power for an application.

Features and Specifications

With years of industry experience and highly skilled experts, Custom Coils specializes in designing and manufacturing customized high power inverter transformers. Our transformers come with the following features and specifications to fulfil the requirement of our clients:
  • Input frequency up to 350 KHz
  • Support for multiple topologies
  • Low signal distortion
  • High permeability
  • PCB pin mounting
  • Surface mount
  • Thru hole bobbin terminal

Construction and Design/ Design Elements

Since the inverter is a hybrid switching transformer it shares the same construction and design techniques. First the total power output and the operational frequency determine the overall size and shape of the inverter transformer. This along with any specific mechanical design requirements specified by the customer help define a core geometry that is "best" for a specific design.

Custom designs begin with the core of the transformer. Custom Coils sources it magnetic cores from several key industry leading magnetic manufacturers. This allows flexibility in design and lowers design costs. Custom Coils' cores are constructed using ferrite, which is pressure molded ceramic structures of various shapes. These cores are made by mixing iron oxides with other oxides or carbonates. Carbonates consist of a recipe of metals such as magnesium, nickel, or zinc. Once the cores are shaped, they are kiln fired and allowed to cool. These cores can then be assembled with the corresponding bobbins to create an inverter transformer.

The winding of the inverter plays a key role as well. This is often determined by the topology of the inverter circuit. Often time these circuits require single, dual or center-tapped primaries. Others require multiple secondary windings or auxiliary windings. All these custom winds can be built into a custom inverter transformer

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We offer a wide range of inverter transformer designs that are extensively recognized for their features such as robust construction, low power consumption, minimal maintenance, high performance, and so on. Owing to these beneficial features, they are widely used in the following applications:
  • UPS Systems Manufacturing
  • Power Plants
  • Photovoltaic grids
  • Elevator Electronics
  • Elevator Backup Systems
  • Machinery Control Panels
  • Wind Mill Power Transmission
  • Non Linear Load Applications

Custom Coils has the capabilities to design and produce custom inverter transformers, which can support power conversion applications. Our products provide advantages of operation flexibility, application versatility, and overall durability. Our custom transformers can meet the requirements of ever-demanding applications. Contact us today to know more about our products and solutions.

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