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Value-Driven Customized Surface Mount Inductors for all Types of Industrial Applications

Surface Mount Power Inductors (SMD) are used in fluctuating power circuits to filter EMI currents at low inductance loss. These inductors are largely used in applications using DC-to-DC and AC-DC converters. Custom Coils designs and manufactures industrial grade, high current surface mount inductors, which can easily handle high transient currents without saturating.

Custom Coil’s Surface Mount Power Inductor Offerings

We can design compact sized and durable power inductors for applications ranging from power converters to power supplies. Our inductors are regularly used in energy storage devices, DC-DC converters, and input as well as output filtering devices. We can provide these inductors in a variety of shapes including RM (square pot cores), pot cores (round), and other custom shapes. We can design these inductors with a variety of core materials, shapes, and sizes. Our inductors have the following features that make them popular with our customers.

  • High Saturation Currents: Allows the inductor to operate in the linear range.
  • Low Loses at High Frequencies: Helps avoid heating, and improves efficiency of the DC-DC converter.
  • Low –Ohmic Resistance: Contributes to the efficiency of DC-DC converter.
  • Advanced Surface Mount Design: Minimizes circuit weight, and minimizes buzz noise in the circuit.
  • Value Efficient Designs: All our SMDs fulfil two main requirements - high energy storage, and low resistance.
  • Inductance Values: We can design inductors with custom inductance values on request.

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Applications That Use Surface Mount Inductors

Surface mount inductors are used to support electronic equipment in different industries. Some of the industries that make use of these inductors include military, space, and aerospace. Given below are some popular applications that use surface mount inductors.

  • Graphic Cards
  • Battery Powered Devices
  • DC/DC Converters In Distributed Power Systems
  • PDAs, Desktops, and Notebooks
  • High Current POL Converters
  • Low Profile High Current Power Supplies
  • Server Applications


Custom Coils can custom design and manufacture surface mount inductors for simple or complex electrical projects. Durable construction and steady performance are unique to all our products. To know more about our industrial grade surface mount inductors, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number +1 605.934.2460, or drop us an email at sales@customcoils.com.


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