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Control Transformer

Control transformers, popularly known as industrial control transformers, are isolation transformers. These transformers are used in electronic circuits demanding constant voltage or current with a low power or voltage rating. The control transformer increases inrush capability and output voltage regulation when electromagnetic devices such as solenoid and relays are primarily energized. Stability and quality are two important benefits that a customer can gain by choosing control transformers. If you are looking for a control power transformer that is efficient and reliable, Custom Coils can provide you with the solution. We have been designing and manufacturing custom control voltage transformers for many years.

Custom Coils’ control circuit transformers are designed to convert high voltage to low voltage; thus allowing it to be used to operate switch components or controls of various machinery. As this product is a type of step-down transformer, it allows for easy voltage conversion for different applications.

The advantages that customers can receive from our control transformer design are numerous. For heavy electrical machinery, our product eliminates the need to use bus bars, or a separate control voltage feed. The control transformer wiring ensures that the voltage is always stable, allowing for quick and efficient current conversion.

Our control transformers also have the capability to handle high voltage peaks when there is immense usage of electricity for industrial work. Reduction of supply voltage also makes it safe for operators to use different types of equipment. Control circuit transformers also have the capability to segregate control circuits from lighting or power circuits.

Custom Transformer Design Features and Specifications

With vast years of market presence and highly skilled experts, Custom Coils specializes in manufacturing and supplying customized control transformers. Our transformers come with the following features and specifications to fulfill the requirement of our clients:

  • Voltage IN: Voltage OUT definition
  • Turns Ratio definition
  • Single or multiple outputs
  • High Voltage Isolation
  • Flying leads

Construction and Design/ Design Elements

Being one of the leading control transformer manufacturers and suppliers, we offer performance-driven industrial control transformers. We consistently invest in advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality tooling and winding equipment. This helps us improve our capabilities and assure high returns on investment to our clients. At Custom Coils, we provide customized control transformers with the following specifications:

Laminated core transformers

  • 50/60/400Hz
  • Bobbin wound
  • Layer wound isolation
  • Multi-section isolation
  • 130C, 155C or 200C temperature class materials

Switching transformers

  • Higher frequencies, 10Khz – 250Khz
  • Ferrite cores
  • Multiple core geometries
  • Split and multi-tap windings

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Applications of Industrial Control Transformers

At Custom Coils, we offer a wide range of control transformers, which are recognized for their features, including robust construction, high performance, minimal maintenance, and so on. Owing to these beneficial features, these transformers are used in the following applications:

  • Relays
  • Timers
  • Solenoids
  • Contactors
  • Motor Starter Buttons
  • Industrial Starter Circuits
  • Control Room Push Buttons
  • Machine Tool Control Devices
  • OEM Electrical Equipment
  • AC Motor Starter Coils
  • Industrial Machinery Indicator Lamps
  • Electrical Distribution Systems

As one of the reliable and well-known control transformer manufacturers, we leave no stone unturned in achieving the required product quality. At Custom Coils, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture control transformers to your requirements. Send us detailed information of your transformer configuration and specification. Contact us today to know more about our products and solutions.

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