Low Profile (LPC) Transformers for Specialized Applications

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Custom Coils is a leader in designing and constructing low profile transformers. We are specialists when it comes to creating unique, small sized, yet powerful transformers for specialized industrial, media, and communication applications. We design our LPC transformers to meet applications that involve short heights, and unusual installation spaces.

Also known as flat transformers, these are designed as semi-toroidal products, and are used to minimize the scope of magnetic fields in an application. They are also known as hum-bucking transformers, as they help reduce the humming sounds from large magnetic fields. The size of these transformers is extremely small. Many times, the height of the transformer can range between .65 inches and 1.375 inches.

The transformer’s design provides a variety of benefits to industrial applications. Low profile power transformers are constructed using UI laminated cores. These cores allow the reduction of stray magnetic emissions. The semi-toroidal design allows for the cancellation of opposing fields in the legs of the core. EI laminations are used to build LPC transformers. This lamination type is known for its cost-effectiveness, and the fact that it is readily available.

As these products are semi-toroidal, they are designed with non-concentric windings. This helps reduce inter-winding capacitance. It also eliminates the need for an electrostatic shield. Custom Coils can design low profile power transformers in a variety of input and output voltage configurations.

Features and Specifications

  • Minimal height for the output power required
  • Through-hole and surface mount type parts
  • Several ferrite geometries available

Construction and Design/ Design Elements

The construction for these devices is the same for the various types of transformers we build. These are typically switch mode transformers or inverter transformers that require one of the low profile specialized geometries to meet the often unusual mounting spaces that are defined for the transformer. Custom Coils has experience winding several types of low profile bobbin/core geometries.

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  • CCTVs
  • Video Systems
  • Audio Power Lines
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • DC Power Line Isolation
  • Computer Communications Wiring
  • Electrical Network Frequency Analysis
  • Ground Isolation for TV Transmission

Custom Coils provides low profile transformers to support a variety of applications involving the sharing or transmission of data. Their intricate design ensures that the transformer provides reliable performance in applications. Contact us today to know more about our products and solutions.

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