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High Voltage Transformer

Quality and reliability are of prime importance in a high voltage transformer. When you order your custom high voltage transformer from Custom Coils, you get just that…and more. 

Custom Coils has been recognized as a reliable manufacturer of high voltage or HV transformers since 1967, serving clients worldwide. Our high voltage transformer designs are driven by cutting-edge technology and a sharp engineering acumen. Custom Coils has the ability to manufacture custom high voltage transformers with a variety of output specifications to meet your exacting requirements. Speak with us for custom high voltage transformers with an Output Voltage up to 60 KV and Output Power up to 2000 VA.

Every high voltage transformer that leaves our facility is tested to meet their desired specifications. We source materials from industry established vendors, ensuring that the finest components go into making rugged, high-performance transformers.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Proudly built in the USA, giving you the assurance of quality, cost, and durability
  • Ability to entirely customize transformers per customer specifications
  • Industry proven machines and processes
  • We do business with enterprises across the world

Features and Specifications of High Voltage Transformer

  • Output Voltage up to 60 KV
  • Output Power up to 2000 VA
  • Input:
  • 115, 57 to 63 Hz
  • 115/230V, 47 to 63 Hz
  • Switching - up to 100 KHz
  • PC MountLow
  • ProfileSplit
  • SectionHorizontal
  • VerticalHigh Voltage Exit
  • Lead Wire
  • Bobbin Terminal
  • Toroids on Headers

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High Voltage Transformer Design Elements

The experienced team at Custom Coils is available to help design specialized high voltage transformers for your applications. Our transformers are very reliable and can operate in almost any environment. Today, our transformers are being used worldwide in a variety of industrial sectors.

High voltage transformer capabilities at a glance:

  • Ability to manufacture transformers with a variety of input and output voltages
  • We manufacture transformers in a variety of formats and geometries
  • We specialize in high voltage transformer design up to 35LBs (approximately the size of a small car battery) Our small high voltage transformers are compact and lightweight are robust and can sustain voltage fluctuations.
  • Custom Coils implements highly specialized winding techniques and makes use of high-quality materials

Overview of Our Special Isolation and Winding Techniques

Considering our focus on quality and accuracy, we use the best high voltage transformer winding techniques. When winding high voltage transformers, it is important to consider their function aside from their insulation and capacity to withstand voltage changes. The field of high voltage transformers extends from very large power grid type transformers down to very small high voltage trigger transformers. Regardless of the type of transformer you choose, Custom Coils uses specially-developed techniques to isolate and insulate transformers to eliminate the possibility of a breakdown under load.

We do this by isolating the primary from the secondary and also the secondary from the ground. This process begins with the selection of an optimum winding technique for the design. At Custom Coils, high voltage winding is carried out either on a multi-section bobbin or on a multi-layer coil form. We insulate multi-layer windings with the help of quality insulation materials such as Kapton film, Nomex, Teflon, and other similar materials.

Custom Coils also specializes in the implementation of the universal Pi wind, a highly specialized winding technique that is used if inter-winding capacitance is a concern. This basket-weave style winding is  now becoming obsolete but demonstrates great performance in high voltage transformer applications.

To make the high voltage transformer design more robust, Custom Coils uses one of several different electrical-grade varnishes to impregnate and further improve the insulating properties of the coil. Finally, to help mitigate high voltage problems with outside components in an assembly, we have the ability to encapsulate our designs in one of several high-quality epoxies.

As an experienced high voltage transformer manufacturer, we offer plenty of customization to suit your requirements. You can share your requirements or design with us and our team would be happy to help you.

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