Surface Mount Transformers for Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Surface mount transformers are miniature transformers that are mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB) along with other devices. These transformers can be packaged so that automated “pick-n-place” machines can be used to place the components directly onto the surface of a PCB. Surface mount transformers are usually constructed by winding copper magnet wire on surface mount bobbins.

Surface Mount Transformers by Custom Coils

At Custom Coils, we design and manufacture surface mount transformers. Our transformers are used for a variety of applications, such as power supply and power conversion in electronic devices. We can design surface mount transformers in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. However, their shape and size can vary according to the application parameters. These include:.

  • Impedance
  • Power rating
  • Operating frequency
  • Winding capacitance
  • Packaging requirements
  • Voltage and current levels
  • Bandwidth(frequency response)

We can design these transformers to operate in varied frequencies, ranging from line frequency to the KHz range. Moreover, our surface mount power transformers are sized according to industry standard packages for ease of design. The highlight of our product offering includes multiple profile heights within the same footprint. Also, we can produce surface mount transformers in custom shapes and specifications

Specifications Required for Producing Custom Surface Mount Transformers

We can design a custom surface mount power transformer for specific applications. The customer needs to specify the following typical requirements:

  • Power rating in VA.
  • Voltage and current requirements.
  • Number of primary and secondary windings.
  • Space limitations of the application or device
  • Peak to peak operating current levels in amperes (AC/DC).
  • Operating frequency in Hz. This helps in determining the wire size and number of cores.
  • Desired core material. We can provide various core material options ranging from ferrite cores, to silicon steel laminations.
  • Specific application requirements, extreme temperatures or environments, if any,.

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General Applications of Surface Mount Transformers

Surface mount transformers can be found in various applications such as:

  • Filter circuits
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Power supply and conversion applications
  • Broadband, wireless, and other communication systems
  • High frequency electronic circuits in communication and power applications
  • Telecom equipment, modems, PCs, laptops, and more.

If you require any further information regarding our capabilities for designing and producing surface mount transformers suited for your applications, contact us today. You can also receive quick quotes, and get your queries solved by our experts.


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