Specialized Pulse Transformer Circuit for High Load Applications

High Voltage Transformer

Industries such as power distribution, digital and telecommunications require fast and powerful electrical pulses for their load circuits. This kind of requirement cannot be fulfilled by step up or step down transformers. You need a specialized transformer to provide the required power. For such applications, Custom Coils provides the inimitable pulse transformer circuit. A pulse transformer is used in low as well as high power switch mode power supplies, signal transmission equipment, and much more. We provide custom pulse transformers that not only minimize voltage drop but pulse distortion too. They can be operated at high frequencies, and transform enough power for high load applications.

Being an industry-leading custom pulse transformer manufacturer, our team of experts’ work closely with clients from various industries to understand their mechanical and electrical requirements. A custom transformer design and fabrication begins with an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and ends on the best selection of materials, conductors, and more.


Pulse Transformer Circuit Design and Fabrication

The pulse transformers are designed to provide dielectric isolation between the drive controller and power output circuits. The pulse transformer design offers galvanic isolation for gate drives of transformers. The assembly of the transformer can include PCB through-hole mounting. Through hole mounting provides benefits of stronger electrical connections for the pulse transformer circuit. It also provides resistance to environmental stress.

We provide our pulse transformers in the following sizes:
  • Small (signal types)
  • Medium
  • Large

They provide negligible delay and room for voltage scaling. The transformer can be designed with single or double secondary windings for multiple gate drives.

Custom Pulse Transformer Offerings

We can provide custom pulse transformers with basic, functional, and reinforced insulation. Solid insulation ensures that the transformer will not suffer from damages as a result of over voltage or accidental flashovers. Our custom designs can respond to external sensing circuits to prevent incidents of over voltage. We provide our transformers in various winding ratios and multiple package sizes.

Benefits of Pulse Transformer Circuit by Custom Coils

The following are some undeniable benefits of pulse transformers that have immensely contributed to their popularity. 

  • Vacuum potting
  • Grounded shielding
  • High voltage resistance
  • Partial discharge effects
  • Wide selection of turns ratios, ignition currents, and voltages

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Pulse Transformer Circuit Features and Specifications

With several years of industry experience, we offer reliable, high-quality, and performance-driven custom pulse transformers. Our highly skilled engineers can customize or modify these transformers in the following specifications:

  • Designer specified primary to secondary turns ratio
  • Designer specified primary winding inductance
  • Designer specified primary leakage inductance
  • Designer specified primary winding resistance
  • Designer specified secondary winding resistance
  • Designer specified frequency range
  • Designer specified isolation between primary and secondary windings

Pulse Transformer Circuit Construction and Design/ Design Elements

Pulse transformer designs usually use low loss ferrite cores and operate at higher switching frequencies. The designs are centered on minimizing pulse distortion that includes issues like longer than normal rise times and voltage droop. These problems are often caused by unexpected increase in magnetizing current during the pulse. Other factors that influence these pulse distortions are leakage inductance and winding capacitance. The design also needs to consider the unipolar flux mode so that core saturation can be avoided.

Pulse Transformer Circuit Applications:

Our customized pulse transformers offer the unmatched quality, reliability, and efficiency that most applications demand. Owing to these beneficial features, they are widely preferred in the following areas:

  • Radars
  • Semiconductors
  • Transmission Lines
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Digital Logic Circuits
  • Camera Flash Controllers
  • Telecommunication Circuits
  • LV Control Circuitry for Power Distribution

At Custom Coils, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture pulse transformers to your requirements. Send us detailed information of your transformer configurations and specifications. We will provide you with an efficient and reliable transformer within a reasonable lead time. Contact us today to know more about our products and solutions.

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