Powerful Ferrite Core Transformers for High Frequency Applications

High Voltage Ferrite Core Transformers
Ferrite core transformers feature a magnetic core made of ferrite. This magnetic core is surrounded by transformer windings. These ferrite cores feature excellent mechanical and electrical traits that include properties such as high permeability, high current resistivity, low DC sensitivity, low signal distortion, and much more. All these benefits make ferrite core transformers ideal for use in several challenging electrical applications.

At Custom Coils, ferrite core transformers are our specialty. We have hands-on knowledge designing and manufacturing transformers with ferrite cores. We offer standard as well as custom ferrite transformer designs.


Ferrite Core Transformer Design and Operation

These transformers are primarily designed for higher frequency applications. Power ferrite transformers provide benefits of low electrical losses and high permeability. The ferrite cores are constructed in compact sizes. Often times higher eddy current losses are seen in higher frequency applications. The high frequency ferrite core transformer design helps to reduce and overcome these losses since it is magnetically conductive, but electrically not.

Custom Ferrite Transformer Designs

We have the capability to provide the cores in a variety of geometric shapes. We can provide ferrite transformer designs with pot core, E-core, and PQ cores just to name a few. We can also provide the transformers in toroid and bobbin configurations. We can design the ferrite transformer cores in various core materials manufactured by leading ferrite companies that can enhance performance while ensuring a long service life. We can also modify the design to reduce flux and create small sized, yet powerful ferrite core transformers.

Features and Specifications

Being one of the leading ferrite core transformer manufacturers, Custom Coils designs these transformers with the following features and formats:

  • Low Eddy Current Losses
  • Low Hysteresis Factor
  • Low Signal Distortion
  • Low DC Sensitivity
  • High Permeability
  • High Q-values

Construction and Design Elements

The art of designing custom ferrite transformers is predicated on the ability to wind using different core geometries. These various ferrite core geometries allow the designer to select sizes and shapes that fit a specific frequency, power level and space requirement. Over the decades, Custom Coils has acquired winding equipment to support winding almost any core geometry available. At the same time, care was taken to develop specialized winding techniques for smaller and complex ferrite geometries. Using all the available core materials from all the name brand ferrite core suppliers allows Custom Coils to design special transformers for specific applications.

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Applications of Ferrite Core Transformers:

Industrial ferrite core transformers offered by Custom Coils find their uses across the following applications:

  • Motor Control Applications
  • Switchmode Power Supplies
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Commercial and Industrial Computer Systems

Custom Coils provides powerful ferrite core transformers for standard and custom applications. Our designs can meet many industry needs, from automotive to electrical applications. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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