Air Core Inductors for Supporting High Frequency Applications

Air Core Inductor

Air core inductors are non-magnetic core inductors. These inductors are also known as air core coils. The coils can be wound on forms made from kraft, resinite or plastic or they can be built as self-supporting coils using bondable magnet wire. Air core inductors are mainly used in applications with high frequencies and low inductance requirements. These high frequency air core inductors are mainly used in television broadcasting, personal radio services, mobile computing, and much more. Custom Coils designs and manufactures air core inductors for different types of industrial and commercial applications.

With several years of industry experience, the company specializes in air core inductor design and manufacturing. Being one of the leading air core coil manufacturers, we offer these inductors in customized specifications at the most attractive prices.

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Industrial Applications involving Air Core Coils

There are several benefits of using air core inductors, which immensely contributed to their popularity. Due to this, these industrial inductors are used in the following equipment:

  • RFID Applications
  • Signal Transmitting Applications
  • Radar Equipment
  • Air Navigation Systems
  • Land Mobile Radio Systems
  • Marine Communication Equipment

Custom Coils can provide custom air core inductors for a variety of industrial and commercial products. Depending on the requirement of the application, Custom Coils can build the commercial inductor that can meet the needs of the product. We have the capability to provide the inductors in the materials, sizes, and shapes you require. If you would like to know about our air core inductor uses, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number +1 605.934.2460 or drop us an email at


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