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High Current Inductors

Power inductors are used in electrical circuits where voltage conversions become necessary. Their prime function is to minimize signal losses in circuits. High current inductors are specifically designed for high current, low voltage power supplies. Generally, these inductors have saturation current ratings above 100 Amps. These devices deliver consistent performance to many electrical components by increasing efficiency, dissipating heat, filtering low current ripples, and much more. Due to this, they have become a critical component of HVAC inverters, server power supplies, solar inverters, bi-directional inverters, PV inverters, and so on. Being an industry-leading power inductor manufacturer and supplier, Custom Coils specializes in the design and manufacturing of high current inductors to support various challenging applications with high power conversions.

Our experts understand clients’ requirements from different industries and offer custom inductors that fulfill their needs. Our high current inductor designs are entirely based on client requirements and can be customized in terms of cores, windings, and so on.

Construction and Design of Power Inductors

We can design custom high current power inductors for specific applications. The client needs to specify the following requirements:

  • Shielding:Large magnetic fields are produced due to the amount of current that inductors are subjected to. These magnetic fields may induce noise in other parts of the circuit, and disturb its functioning. This is why our inductors are magnetically shielded to provide protection against challenging EMI problems in high current circuit applications.
  • Cores:At Custom Coils, we emphasize on using quality materials for production. We use industrial grade materials such as powdered iron, silicon steel, and ferrites to produce cores. These cores have excellent aging characteristics, and prevent current issues in high voltage applications.
  • Windings:We employ industrial grade conductive materials to create windings for our power inductors. We understand that the right winding is important for the performance of an inductor. This is why expert professionals and advanced winding machines are employed for the task. Our high power inductors have efficient windings that help lower DC resistance.

At Custom Coils, we offer high current inductors in axial led, radial led, and drum core shapes. The following are some of our inductors.

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Series Definitions

Custom Coils Series Features
HCA Series
 Axial Leads
 High Dielectric Rating
 High Saturation Current
HCC Series
 Axial Leads 
 Low Cost Design
 Good Energy Storage
HCF Series
 Minimum PC Board Space
 High Frequency
 Specified Minimum Q
HCP Series
 Largest Range of Inductance
 Highest Current Rating
 Minimum PC Board Space
HCR Series
 Radial Leads
 High Current Rating
 High Dielectric Voltage
HCS Series
 Radial Leads
 Compact Size and Low Cost
 High Dielectric Voltage

High Current Inductors Applications

The following are few industrial applications that utilize our high current inductors:

  • High Current Filters
  • Switching Regulators
  • In-Line Filters
  • Differential Mode Chokes
  • Boost Power Factor Correction Chokes
  • Welding Machine Output Inductors


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Customized High Current Power Inductors for Your Complex High Power Requirements

If you require any information regarding our high-power inductor design and manufacturing capabilities, please feel free to reach us today. We will give the best possible assistance from industry experts. Contact us on our toll-free number +1 605.934.2460, or drop an email at


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