Increase the Safety of your Electronic Systems with Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformer Transformer

Electrical isolation is required in electrical and electronic circuits to protect components and people from shock and short circuits. Electrical isolation also helps in supplying power to circuits yet keeping them electrically separated. It also allows equipment to make accurate measurements and calculations. Effective isolation can be accomplished by using isolation transformers.

Why Use an Isolation Transformer?

An isolation transformer is used to transfer electrical power from a source of Alternating Current (AC) (such as mains power) to another component or circuit. While doing this, the transformer also isolates the internal circuitry from the mains power. Isolation transformers can help keep people and components safe from errant power spikes and erratic main power supply. These transformers use magnetic flux for conduction, and provide galvanic isolation to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices.

Isolation Transformers by Custom Coils

Custom Coils is an esteemed isolation transformer manufacturer specializing in producing custom transformers according to the customer’s circuitry needs. Our isolation transformers are popular choices for applications in medical, marine, and manufacturing industries. Custom Coils provides complete design, production, and shipping of isolation power transformers for specific applications. We work closely with the client to understand their electrical circuits and systems. This helps us in designing cost effective transformers for isolation.

Custom Coils’ isolation transformers can be constructed with a Faraday shield and high voltage insulation system. This helps in

  • Reducing electrical noise
  • Negating the capacitive coupling between primary and secondary windings
  • Enhancing safety to a product

Specifications for Producing Custom Isolation Transformers

We require the following specifications from the customer to design a custom isolation transformer.

  • Input voltage
  • Output voltage of the application
  • Amperage load of the application
  • Operating frequency
  • Shielding requirements
  • Environmental constraints
  • Specific application requirements, if any

Isolation transformers can be produced in one-to-one, step-up or step-down configurations.

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Isolation Transformer Applications

Isolation transformers produced by Custom Coils are frequently required for numerous applications, including:

  • Electrical controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial electrical systems
  • Commercial appliances (audio, radio, and CRT)
  • Power supplies for sensitive equipment like laboratory instruments and computers

Contact us today if you require any further information regarding our custom isolation transformer capabilities. You can also receive quick quotes, and get your questions solved by our experts.


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