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Power Inductor

Power inductors are used to support electrical circuits that experience high voltage or current fluctuations without saturating. They can minimize the signal loss in a system and filter EMI noise. These inductors also store energy in their magnetic field during the current flow. Custom Coils manufactures industrial grade power inductors to support critical electronic application and equipment.

Power Inductor Offerings

With Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) frequencies increasing every year, the demands for power inductors is growing. Thus, we design and manufacture inductors that can be used for SMPS frequencies. Our power inductors are categorized on the basis of following characteristics:

  • Nominal Inductance
  • DC Resistance
  • Tolerance
  • Maximum Rated Current
  • Case Size/Dimension
  • Shielding
  • Packaging Type

Our power inductors have Nominal Inductance values that can be defined by the customer. Our products have DC Resistance ranging from very small mΩ to very high kΩ. We also provide power supply inductors, SMD (surface mount inductors), and high power inductors, which are designed using to meet the customers specifications and can be wound on our winding machines.

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Applications of Power Inductors

Power inductors are used for following purposes:

  • Storing energy in DC-to-DC converters
  • Filtering EMI noise in AC inputs
  • Separating signals of different frequencies in electronic filters
  • Used in combination of capacitors to tune circuits such as radio and TV receivers
  • Used in electronic oscillators to generate sinusoidal signals
  • Reactors are types of power inductors used in electrical transmission systems to limit switching currents and fault currents.
  • Chokes are types of power inductors used in various electrical circuits to block high alternating currents, allowing Direct Currents (DC) to pass
  • Surface mount inductors are used to store energy while filtering low loss inductance.


Custom Coils can design and manufacture power inductors to meet any complex electronic circuit requirement. Steady performance over years is what differentiates our products from other brands. To know more about power inductors, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number  +1 605.934.2460, or drop us an email at


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