Step Up & Step Down Voltage Transformers for Operational Efficiency

Step up/Down voltage transformers are amongst the crucial units that efficaciously perform the task of changing the electrical voltage to a different value for meeting the individual needs of the power consumers. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, these types of transformers increase or decrease the voltage of alternating current for the safe consumption of industrial, commercial or domestic users. Step up/down converters are available at Custom Coils in varied specifications. Our range of step down and step up voltage transformers are known for their operational efficiency, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. We have been delivering high performing step-up/down transformers at value-driven prices for several years. At Custom Coils, we utilize proprietary techniques to design and manufacture custom step up/down transformers with features and specifications required by our customers.
Be it a step-up voltage transformer or step-down voltage transformer, we manufacture them using proven methodology and advanced technology. The high-performance capacity of our step-up and step-down transformers makes them ideal across several applications.

Specifications of Step Up Voltage Transformers

Step up transformers, which convert low voltage, high-current to high voltage-low current, are available in the following specifications at Custom Coils. We also offer custom step up transformers to suit client specifications.

  • Voltage:Low input voltage and high output voltage
  • Winding:Secondary winding has the high voltage winding
  • Current:Low Current on the secondary winding
  • Rating of Output Voltage:11000 volts or above

Specifications of Step Down Voltage Transformers

At Custom Coils, we believe in manufacturing efficient step down voltage transformers capable of delivering maximum output for various industrial operations. Designed to convert high-voltage, low-current power into a low-voltage, our range of Step Down Voltage Transformers is constructed in the following specifications.

  • Voltage:High input voltage and low output voltage
  • Winding:Primary winding with high voltage winding
  • Current:Secondary winding with high current
  • Rating of Output Voltage:110v, 24v, 20v, 10v, etc.

Aside from this, we offer custom step down transformers too suit your specific requirements. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the step up/down transformers are also available in the following specifications:

  • X: Y ratio definition
  • Voltage IN: Voltage OUT definition
  • Single or multiple outputs
  • Isolation
  • Flying leads
  • PC Mount

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Features of Step up/Down Voltage Transformer We Offer at Custom Coils

Our range of step up/step down voltage transformers is the result of our engineering capabilities and innovative production techniques. Our engineers make use of high-grade ferrite cores, reliable epoxy-based insulation systems, quality bobbins, and high-grade magnetic wires to manufacture step-up and down voltage transformers. Quality engineering and using superior materials ensure unfailing performance in aggressive environments. Also, they are unaffected by extreme temperature ranges and pressure differentials.

The following features also add to their popularity for applications across several industrial sectors.

  • Reliable and versatile units designed for safe transmission of power
  • Sturdy construction
  • Manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards
  • Widest possibility of customization
  • Perfectly laminated to minimize eddy current losses
  • No copper losses, iron loss in core and leakage flux
  • Low operation cost

Applications of Step Up/Down Transformers

With many years of experience, we have gained an international reputation of being a prominent manufacturer of custom step up/down transformers in accordance with the most stringent specifications given by the customers. Both our standard as well as custom transformers are utilized for increasing the voltage for transmission and decreasing the voltage for utilization in the medical, telecommunication, military, and electronics industries, among several others. A few amongst the application examples are follow:

Being an economical and reliable means of transmission and distribution of electrical energy, we have been delivering performance driven Step up/Down Voltage Transformers at value-driven prices. Both these transformers undergo rigorous testing throughout the production process to ensure the highest quality and optimum functionality. Our experienced and skilled staff will help you through every phase of your transformer procurement process—from quoting to design, from prototyping to manufacturing and testing.


Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience if you need custom step-up or step-down voltage transformers. We possess the latest technique and capabilities to fabricate transformers incorporating exclusive features and specifications.

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