Industrial Transformers used in Agricultural Applications

The agriculture industry is no longer a “low-tech” sector. Today, there is a variety of magnetics being used for farming, tilling, and harvesting. These include inductors, transformers, and antenna coils. One of the most important electric equipment used is the transformer. The transformers is designed to provide sufficient power to support various agricultural applications.

Types of Transformers used in the Agriculture Industry

Generally, there are three types of transformers that are used for agricultural purposes. The points below will help you understand their design and benefits.

  • Auto Transformers: These are electrical transformers, with the primary and secondary windings combined. With the two copper windings combined, the transformer is lighter in weight as compared to other transformer products. This also helps reduce the product’s size. It is more efficient, as voltage regulation is better, and there are less core and ohmic losses. For these reasons, auto transformers are used to support motors of loaders, tractors, and graders.
  • High Voltage Transformers: These are single phase core transformers with greater insulation to withstand transient surges and voltage. A high voltage transformer can provide voltages up to 50KV. For higher voltage ratings, multiple transformers can be connected together to supply power. They are designed with induction regulators for gradual regulation of voltage of any magnitude. For these reasons, high voltage transformers are used to supply and distribute power to equipment like boilers, choppers, levelers, and mill drives.

High Voltage Transformer

  • Power Supply Transformers: Power supply transformers are designed to operate at high current loads. They can be used to increase or decrease the voltage levels. Power transformers are at maximum efficiency when they perform at full load. These transformers are capable of isolating two circuits, as there is no electrical connection between the input and output circuits. These reasons make power supply transformers ideal for supporting electronic equipment used in tractors, ploughs, and tillers.

Power Transformer

Industrial transformers can be designed in many types with various benefits. Depending on the design, they can support a variety of agricultural applications and equipment. If you are looking at enhancing the power of your farming or harvesting equipment, you should certainly take a look at these magnetic products.