Know the Benefits of Using Toroidal Transformers in Industrial Applications

Toroidal transformers are small transformers, which find applications across many industries. These devices feature a ring-like or donut-like structure and are known as toroidal transformers. Aerospace, biomedical equipment, military, pneumatic systems are just a few of the industries where these toroidal transformers are often used. These transformers are widely preferred due to the distinct advantages that they offer. This post discusses different advantages offered by toroidal power transformers and what makes them an ideal choice for industrial applications.

Toroidal Transformer

Benefits Offered by Toroidal Power Transformers

The toroidal transformers are the ring-type or donut-shaped transformers that feature a winding tightly coiled on the magnetic core. These passive electronic devices feature a magnetic or a ferromagnetic core that sustains the magnetic flux. Due to their shape, the leakage flux in these transformers is considered negligible. The following are the beneficial features of toroidal coil transformers that make these devices ideal for complex industrial applications.

toroidal transformers for industrial aplicatins
  1. Compact Design: The toroidal transformers can be about half the size of standard transformers. With 50% reduction is size, these toroidal coil transformers offer size and weight benefits. It features an asymmetric and equidistant winding over the core, therefore, it consumes less space. This is why these transformers can be easily installed at complex industrial locations.
  2. Quieter Performance: In toroidal current transformers, the winding envelops the core quite tightly, which reduces magnetostriction. Magnetostriction is one of the most common reasons for mechanical hum. Therefore, the acoustic noise is reduced significantly as compared to standard transformers.
  3. Low Power Consumption and Losses: The toroidal current transformers have much smaller excitation or quiescent power as compared to standard transformers. Maintaining a consistent magnetic field in toroidal transformers consumes minimal power and the core losses are reduced too.
  4. Low Stray Magnetic Field: The toroidal coil transformers radiate much lower electro-magnetic field as compared to conventional transformers. They exhibit nearly 85-90% lesser stray magnetic field and there is no need for any shielding.
  5. Higher Efficiency: The toroidal electrical transformers require a small amount of input current as excitation power and delivers higher output due to minimized losses. This enhances the electrical efficiency of toroidal transformers. Also, steel cores toroids are efficient in maintaining a magnetic field which enhances performance by reducing flux leakage.
  6. Convenient Mounting: Most toroidal transformers feature an easy mounting mechanism with a single central bolt. This saves mounting time and complexity.
Customizable toroidal transformers

To realize the benefits of toroidal transformers, the proper design and performance must be analyzed. To that end, it is important to purchase high quality toroidal transformers from trusted manufacturers like Custom Coils. The company has more than 50 years of experience in transformer manufacturing. They offer toroidal transformers with customizable core and turn ratios to meet the requirements of industrial applications.