Which, What, and How of a Custom Transformer Answered

Manufacturing is again becoming a hot trend in North America. Custom transformers are one of the most uniquely manufactured products. There is a lot of downward pressure from offshore manufacturers who offer cost and time saving benefits. However, the trend of custom transformer is on the rise. Why? This is because technology based businesses are quickly realizing their benefits. This post will introduce you to various benefits of opting for custom transformers.It also discusses factors to look for in a custom transformer, and what are some of the advantages of selecting a custom transformer.

 Which are the Factors to Consider While Designing a Transformer?

The following are key factors to consider in a basic design before you decide to approach a manufacturer

  • Number of phases
  • Input and output voltage
  • Mounting styles
  • Available mounting space
  • Leakage currents
  • Isolation requirements

It is important to ensure that the transformer is designed to handle the effects of heating along with non-linear loads.

                                Custom Transformer

What are the Advantages of Selecting Custom Transformers over Standard Transformers?

The following are the advantages of opting for a custom built transformer over their easily available standard counterparts.

  • Built to Specification: This is very important aspect to consider if you are seriously considering about investing in a transformer. In a custom device, all parts are designed to relevant dimensions, terminations, and physical constraints. Thus, these are more likely to offer you more effective solutions than a standard part that may not fit well. Also, in such conditions the unexpected time required to correct parts to fit your requirement may result in excessive design-cycle costs, because reworking a system layout may not be easy. If you are sourcing custom-built transformers from a great supplier, there is a good chance that you are working with experts who are very experienced in magnetics. They have exposure to a vast range of materials, and innovative techniques, which help them develop the right part.
  • Function: Overheating is caused in a transformer due to resistive losses in the wire and magnetic losses in the core. Many times, weeks of development can be lost while waiting on the delivery of a standard part. Additionally, more setbacks may incur due to the inadequate performance of these parts. This may lead to more product changes and delays.
  • Locked Bill of Material: In a custom designed transformer, attention is given to selecting the proper raw materials.  Once the design has been created and the BOM has been selected, these items can be locked.  This creates parts that are consistent over time and can keep the customer’s manufacturing from experiencing issues when designs are unknowingly changed or altered.  This type of constant change and altering of the BOM is what exists on standard product lines and is often creates a painful situation in manufacturing environments.


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The above-mentioned are just a few of the benefits that you can gain by selecting a custom transformer for your application.  As you can see, these benefits are allowing custom transformers to gain in popularity. If you are planning to approach a custom transformer manufacturer, please consider Custom Coils.  We are one of the leading manufacturers of custom transformers and magnetics.