High performing DC igniters for Heated Pressure Washers

Supporting Ignition and Performance of Heated Industrial Pressure Washers

A variety of industrial pressure washers utilize gas or fuel oil as their primary method for providing heated water. These pressure washers depend on a component that will help ignite the oil or gas, so that the equipment can be used to perform the cleaning process efficiently. We at Custom Coils support clients from the pressure washing industry by providing DC igniters for installation in heated pressure washers. We provide ignition solutions with our model #5049 12V DC Igniter.

How Do the DC Igniters Support Heated Pressure Washers?

Fuel oil fired heated pressure washers consist of a burner which requires a high voltage spark to initiate a burn cycle. The Custom Coils 12V DC igniter is powered by a standard small engine ignition system. The igniter converts a 12V DC current into 20KV+ voltage. This high voltage spark jumps the spark gap inside the combustion chamber of the oil burner which initiates the combustion of the oil in the burner.

Benefits Gained from the 12V DC Igniter

The Custom Coil 12V DC Igniter is able to provide durable performance due to its original and durable design and construction.

  • The outer shell is made from thermoplastic and is encapsulated in a high temperature, non-flammable two part epoxy. The thermoplastic shell is a high performance polymer that provides benefits of corrosion resistance and design flexibility. The two part epoxy provides benefits of flame retardancy and high dielectric strength. These two materials ensure protection of the shell as well as the internal components of the igniter.
  • The igniter consists of both a primary and secondary winding. Both windings are constructed using high dielectric tapes and 155C magnet wire which are isolated from each other. This keeps the 12V DC igniter from breaking down during operation.
  • The molded shell design and layout allows for maximum heat dissipation, and keeps the igniter as cool as possible. The design requires consistent air flow over the heat sink of the igniter. This also helps maintain the temperature within the igniter.
  • The design and construction of the 12V DC igniter makes it a durable piece of equipment. It can support heated pressure washers that are used in high moisture and high temperature environments.

DC Igniters in Pressure Washer Applications

Custom Coils’ DC igniters can be installed in pressure washers that are utilized in the following application areas:

  • Areas containing harsh oils, chemicals and corrosive fluids.
  • Industrial Production Facilities
  • Automotive Factories
  • Mining
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Cleaning Facilities

Custom Coils DC igniters can support heated pressure washers, which are used in a variety of industrial areas and applications. The igniters provide benefits of long service life, quick performance, and temperature stability.

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