Step up/down Transformer for Isolation Applications

Safety precautions are a must while handling electrical and electronic devices. Special attention towards taking safety measures is required while transferring electrical power from its source (alternating current) to an equipment that is isolated from the power source. This is when transformers (also termed as isolation transformers) come into picture.

1:1 isolation transformers are considered to be safer than straightaway using mains. because with transformers, you can control or limit the supply current. Also, these transformers are known for offering galvanic isolation in order to provide protection against electric shocks.

Role of Step Up/ Down Transformers in 110V to 220V & 220V to 110V Conversion

In order to understand the role of the transformers in voltage conversion, let us look at the step up and step down models separately.

Role of Transformers in Providing 1:1 Isolation

Isolation of electric power in an out-of-the-way device is required in various applications for safety concerns. A transformer plays an important role in achieving such isolation. The designing of a transformer is such that there is a capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary windings. Such capacitance results in the coupling of AC current from the primary to the secondary winding.

Isolation transformers developed by Custom Coils are superior in quality and exhibit high performance. Our team of highly experienced engineers has helped in the designing and manufacture of transformers that will guarantee complete safety of your electrical devices.

Real Life Applications of Transformers Pertaining to 1:1: Isolation

Below are some applications that make use of Custom Coils’ transformers to achieve isolation of electric power:

  • Power transmitters
  • Electrical power supply at equivalent or higher levels
  • Electronics testing
  • Pulse transformers
  • Ship/ boat power suppliers

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Apart from the aforementioned applications, our isolation transformers are capable of protecting against AC/ DC noise, voltage spikes, and electrical sparks.


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