Customer-Specific Solutions for the Power Generation and Distribution Industry

Custom Coils is one of the prominent manufacturers providing a range of transformers and other performance-driven magnetic components to the power generation and distribution industry. We have a long history of providing superior solutions to address the demanding requirements of the industry. Our products are typically less than 2.5KW and transform power that has been delivered by the power company’s main supply; you will get the perfect solution with features unsurpassable by none in the market!

Performance Driven Solutions Specific to the Power Generation Industry

We offer custom designed commercial circuit breakers and power monitoring coils exclusively for the power generation industry. The workhorse of this industry is the Current Transformer (CT). This transformer uses electromagnetic waves to measure the current flowing through a conductor. Once measured, this can be metered or used to throw a breaker after a certain threshold is met.

We offer high performing power transformers for the power distribution network, supporting efficient and safe distribution of power for commercial uses. Also, our step up and step down transformers are designed to support electric power distribution systems. They are responsible for stepping up and down voltage to a safe level, helping powering commercial, domestic, and industrial applications.

Intelligently Designed and Ruggedly Built to Meet the Demands of the Industry

Custom Coils understand the criticality of transformers for power generation and distribution applications. Hence, they are:

  • Built to withstand the thermal loads of high currents.
  • Insulated to address the high temperature challenges of the power generation and distribution sector.
  • Built to resist severe electrical stresses.
  • Manufactured to withstand several kinds of voltage transients.
  • Can be produced to customer specifications and in compliance to international standards.

Providing Custom Solutions to your Specifications

Transformers are the critical links between the power generation station and transmission network. We at Custom Coils offer a broad range of transformers, ensuring long term reliability when used for critical industrial applications. We possess design excellence and structured manufacturing process, which allows us to produce transformers that withstand enormous electrical, magnetic and mechanical loads.


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