Antenna Air Coil for Solenoids Coils

Solenoids are widely used in various electrical as well as electromagnetic circuits of appliances. They are compactly wound helix/ loops of coiled wires. More than often, this antenna coil is wrapped tightly around a metallic core.

The ingenious wire antenna design allows the coil to take a helical shape around a metallic core. This results in the formation of a uniform magnetic field in any solenoid. Solenoids are useful as inductors as well as wireless antennas in electronic circuits.

Self-resonance and self-capitance seen in Solenoid coils:

A solenoid coil is capable of self-resonance and self-capitance. When connected to a source that generates alternating current, there is a generation of an oscillation of magnetic dipole moment on the solenoid coil. This leads to the emission and transmission of electromagnetic radiation.

The helical antenna wire can be used in two modes of radiation:

  • Backfire mode
  • End-side mode

Real life applications of solenoids:

This electromechanical structure is widely used in following applications:

  • Dot matrix printers
  • Pinball machines
  • Medical devices (such as dialysis machines)
  • Gearboxes
  • Paintball machines
  • Automobile air conditioning systems
  • Vehicle security system
  • Fuel injectors

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