Spark Igniters

12v & 24v DC Igniters for Spark Igniters

Spark gap igniters and electric spark igniters are highly useful for igniting the fuel in kerosene burners, diesel burners, and DC HVAC furnaces. These igniters are known for creating a spark between a specific spark gap based on the requirements of the application.

Custom Coils has several industry standard 12V and 24V DC igniters.  These units take the DC voltage straight from the source (often times the ignition system of a small engine) and convert it to AC, which is then stepped up to create the spark needed for fuel ignition.  Custom Coils also has the ability to custom design a DC igniter for your specific application.

Igniters manufactured by Custom Coils can be found in various applications such as:

  • Ignition of kerosene and #1 diesel fuels
  • Heated pressure washers
  • Mobile steam cleaning systems
  • DC HVAC Systems
  • Tar buggies

Other features of Custom Coils igniters

  • Internal Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Internal Transient Voltage Protection
  • Internal Midpoint Ground
  • Operates using airflow from standard oil/kerosene/#1 diesel burners

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