Spark Switches

Custom Trigger Transformer in Spark Switches

Spark switches have always been favorites amongst electronic products manufacturers for rapidly switching high voltages with the help of high energy spark gaps that can be triggered. Superior quality spark gaps are used in high-end applications for reliable switching performance.

Spark gap switches can be either:

  • Mini Triggered Spark Gaps
  • Over Voltage Spark Gaps
  • Triggered Vacuum Spark Gaps

Since operation at high voltage is essential for generation of electric spark between the conductors of spark gaps, they need to be paired with high voltage transformers. Custom Coil’s trigger transformer design is apt for efficiently providing high voltage current to the spark gaps.

Where can you Use Spark Gaps?

Spark gaps can be used in:

  • Ignition devices in burners of ovens, furnaces, and in internal combustion engines
  • Radio signal transmitters
  • Air gap flashes used for high speed photography
  • Power switching devices

Role of Custom Coil’s High Voltage Trigger Transformer in Spark Switch Operation

A spark gap consists of two conducting electrodes that are separated by a gap filled with gas. An electric spark needs to pass amid these two electrodes by generation of high voltage between them. Custom Coil’s trigger coil transformer helps in substantially increasing the voltage between the two conducting electrodes. As this voltage surpasses the breakdown voltage, the gas is ionized and a spark is generated.

With the help of our advanced trigger transformers, you can carry out efficient power switching operations with spark gaps.

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