High Quality DC Igniters for Steam Cleaning Applications

Providing Support to Steam Cleaning Equipment Components

A variety of industrial steam cleaners utilize oil and gas to facilitate converting water into steam. This motor powered equipment consists of an ignition system in part, that generates the 12 volts required to power the DC igniter. Custom Coils supports steam cleaner manufacturers and users by providing standard and custom DC igniters. We provide several 12V DC igniters for these type steam cleaning applications.

How do DC Igniters work in Steam Cleaners?

Generally, the DC igniters are connected to the steam cleaner’s ignition system and are often controlled by a couple of sensors. Typically, when the motor is running and the burner switch is turned on, the igniter will fire and ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. Most steam cleaner manufacturers have also installed safety devices on their units, such as fuel sensors. These devices are most often mounted in the combustion chamber and sense the presence or absence of fuel. These type safety devices play a role in how and when the igniter sparks. Check the user manual to see how this sensor and others control the ignition of the fuel. Once ignited and burning, the heated water creates the necessary steam required to perform cleaning and maintenance jobs.

Benefits of DC Igniters in Steam Cleaners

DC igniters can provide a variety of benefits to steam cleaning equipment and its applications:

  • Ignition times are very small, often less than 10us
  • Igniter output voltage range is from 20KV to 26KV
  • The pilot can be turned on at any time
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • It can be used in harsh application environments with large temperature ranges

Applications of Steam Cleaning Equipment with DC Igniters

Custom Coils DC igniters support steam cleaning equipment that is used to maintain a variety of industrial equipment and components:

  • Automotive engine compartments
  • Clogged gas jets
  • Food conveyor belts
  • Dehumidifiers

Custom Coils provides reliable 12V DC igniters that can support the performance of steam cleaning equipment. Our igniters are among the leading choices for steam cleaning equipment manufacturers.

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