High Quality Step up/down Transformer for Voltage Conversion Applications

Voltage conversion is an integral part of various industrial applications. Based on the requirements of your application, you need to opt for step up or step down transformers. These transformers make 110V to 220V and 220V to 110 V conversions plausible as per your requirements.

Step up and step down transformer models are useful for isolation processes, industrial control, auto transformation, etc. The basic difference between a step up and step down transformer is the number of primary and secondary coil windings. While step up transformers have more secondary coil windings, the step down transformers consist of greater number of primary coil windings

Role of Step Up/ Down Transformers in 110V to 220V & 220V to 110V Conversion

In order to understand the role of the transformers in voltage conversion, let us look at the step up and step down models separately.

Step Up Transformer Model: 110V to 220V Conversion:

Since the number of secondary coils is greater in this model, the input AC power signal is enhanced while the secondary output current is reduced. The increase in voltage and reduction in output current occurs in a simultaneous ratio.

Step Down Transformer Model: 220V to 110V Conversion:

In this model, the greater number of primary coils results in the reduction of AC power signal causing the voltage to drop. At the same time, the output current is increased in the same ratio.

Applications of Step Up/ Down Transformers by Custom Coils in Voltage Conversion:

At Custom Coils, a team of highly dedicated engineers and designing experts work towards the development of high performance voltage conversion transformers. Here are a few real life applications that make use of our transformers:

  • Power transmission
  • Surface mount applications
  • Voltage conversion in car batteries
  • Igniters
  • 110V to 220V conversion
  • 220V to 110V conversion
  • 1:1 isolation

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