Offering Dependable and Specialized Transformers for the Biomedical Industry

At Custom Coils, we strive to develop transformers that are specific to each industry sector. Owing to a rich industrial experience, we know the specialized demands of industry and our solutions are tailored to meet their unique needs.

Serving the Biomedical Industry for Years

Equipment and devices for the biomedical industry require uninterrupted electrical supply and often times high load demand. Our range of high performance transformers can ensure a stabilized output voltage despite variable and unbalanced load applications, whilst ensuring safety and reliability.

Solutions Tailored to Your Biomedical Needs

Our range of medical grade transformers can be customized according to your application requirements. They can be designed with single, dual and multiple inputs and outputs, or in preferred mounting styles and termination options.

Switch Mode and Toroidal Transformers – Largely Chosen for Biomedical Applications

Amongst several categories of transformers, switch mode and toroidal are often chosen for biomedical applications. Both switch mode and toroidal transformers ensure that the medical equipment and devices are supplied with required power for their safe and optimum performance.

Applications where our toroidal transformers are used:

  • Oximeter
  • Brain Imaging System
  • Bone Density Scanner
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor

However, our switch mode transformers are largely chosen for the assembly of:

  • Density Scanner for Bines
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Digital WBC and RBC calculators
  • Brain Imaging Systems
  • Auxiliary Input and Output Modules

Apart from these transformers, our range of power, and step down/up transformers are used to support the following medical devices and processes:

  • Medical accelerators used in radiation equipment for oncology applications
  • Testing and calibrating of electrical surgical analyzers
  • Equipment supporting research, development, and manufacturing of medical equipment
  • Electromedical/therapeutic apparatus
  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Laboratory analytical and test equipment
  • Radioactivity instruments
  • Air & water purification systems
  • Medical grade linear power supplies

As you can see there are many areas where transformers are inevitably used in the biomedical industry. We at Custom Coils, support the industry by delivering performance-driven transformers, featuring unsurpassable operational excellence, unmatched reliability, and long service life.


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