Function and Design of Flyback Transformers

The simplicity in design, low cost and high efficiency makes the flyback transformers an ideal solution for power supplies up to 250W. These transformers are extensively used for cutting-edge television and telecommunication systems to bio-medical equipment to aerospace systems.

We at Customs Coils – a leading US based company – are engaged in the business of designing and manufacturing superior quality flyback transformers for your various industrial and commercial applications. These transformers are one of the flagship products manufactured by Custom Coils.

Flyback Transformer

This transformer differs from others with its ability to temporarily store the energy that it receives from the input voltage and current. The stored energy is then released to the output sometimes later.

Design of flyback transformers

We use ferrite cores in the making of these transformers. Ferrite cores are available in different geometries and can be custom gapped based on the specific requirements of the design. In order to achieve an efficient and consistent operation, the winding of this transformer is typically encapsulated with one of our high-quality electrical varnishes or one of our silicone based epoxy compounds. We recommend the use of this transformer in many communication and power applications, switching power supplies, and converters/inverters because of the reasons follow;

  • Best when used in DC/DC converters for industrial controls
  • Works efficient in both continuous and discontinuous modes
  • Works well in your application with high switching frequencies up to 250KHz

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