Robust and Rugged High Voltage Transformers from Custom Coils

High voltage transformers are a critical and integral part of high voltage power systems. They play a significant role in the effective transmission and distribution of electrical energy for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We at Custom Coils are experienced in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality and reliable HV transformers for customers worldwide.
High Voltage Transformer
Since inception in 1967, we have been delivering high voltage transformers by incorporating new winding technologies and proven engineering techniques. We have the equipment, capabilities and techniques to manufacture custom transformers for your specific project needs. We provide custom HV transformers with output voltages up to 60 KV and output power up to 2000 VA.

Following are some of the features of our HV transformers

  • PC mount
  • Low profile
  • Split section
  • High voltage exit
  • Silicone based HV lead wire

We have achieved competitive advantage in the market because of our ability to:

  • Design and manufacture HV transformers with varied input and output voltages
  • Manufacture transformers with wide ranges of formats and geometries
  • Use high quality winding techniques and materials in the manufacturing process

We use specially developed techniques and methods in the production of high voltage transformers and this increases the reliability and decreases the possibility of breakdown and unexpected failures. We ensure the safety of our customers by using superior class winding and insulating materials. In some coils we even use a special universal (PI) wind, a highly specialized winding technique in winding high voltage secondary coils.

Every transformer that leaves our plant is 100% tested. Our quality team ensures that the transformer meets all the required specifications and quality standards to operate well in various industrial and commercial applications.

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