Guidelines for Selecting High Voltage Transformers

True to its name, the high voltage transformers convert low voltage electric supply to a higher voltage, typically a much higher voltage. The transformation can be done for one or several outputs.

How to select a suitable high voltage transformer?

High Voltage Transformer

Selecting the right high voltage transformer requires certain factors to be taken in to consideration:

  1. Capacity of the Transformer: Every HV transformer works at a particular frequency (measured in Hertz). This frequency is one of the major determinants of the transformer’s size and power rating.  You should select a HV transformer based on your voltage and power requirements, plus the switching frequency you intend to use.
  2. Burden Requirement: High voltage transformers are constructed with a core.  This core is a critical component of the design and must be sized to meet a particular power requirement sufficiently. This power requirement varies from equipment to equipment and needs to be calculated for your application or equipment.
  3. Cost Effectiveness: Any business, be it small scale or large scale, runs on a budget. All the required gear is bought keeping the budget in mind. Hence even while selecting an HV transformer; you should take into consideration the cost-effectiveness of the product.

By chalking out your requirements and studying the available options, you can select the best suited high voltage transformer for your equipment.

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