Understanding the Basics of Switch Mode Transformers

Switch mode transformers are an effective source for supplying power to almost any electronic system. With the exception of applications where an exact specific amount of power is required, switch mode transformers are popularly used to supply power for general commercial and industrial electronic systems such as medical devices, communication devices, commercial power supplies.

Switch mode transformers

Understanding Switch Mode Power Supply

It is easier to understand the importance of switch mode transformers when you first understand the term Switch Mode Power Supply or SMPS. The term is used for any external power supply or power supply of a product that is connected to the mains. Simply put, SMPS is the term given to any item that acts as a complete power supply source.

The Basics of a Switch Mode Transformer

The term switch mode refers to the conversion of AC main power to DC output voltage. The switch mode transformer performs this conversion efficiently, providing effective power from the mains to the end load.

When the power is turned on, the AC main power gets filtered through a capacitor, which converts the AC voltage into unregulated DC voltage. The transformer then uses a regulator to convert the unregulated DC voltage into regulated DC output voltage. The regulator is the electronic circuit that regulates the series switching element in the transformer.

Advantages of Switch Mode Transformers

Switch mode transformers are known to provide the following benefits in an application.

  • Efficient Use of Power: The switching action of the regulator means that the regulator is either turned on or off. Due to this fact, there is minimal energy dissipation, leading to efficient use of power.
  • Light Weight and Compact: High operating frequencies and efficient power usage eliminates the need for heavy line frequency transformers. This results in building of compact and light weight transformers.
  • Flexibility in terms of Power Conversion:  Switch mode transformers can be used to create high conversions in voltage boosting applications as well as voltage step down applications.

Understanding the basic functions of the switch mode transformer helps make it easy to use it in an application.

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