Know the Applications of Electromagnetic Coils in Medical, Military & Aerospace Industries

An electromagnetic coil is offered in various shapes and sizes where the conductor wire can be coiled, helical, spiral, and so on. In many electrical devices such as transformers, generators, electric motors, the conductor serves as a medium or an interface through which electric current passes, which produces an electromagnetic field. Internally, it produces voltage or electromotive force (EMF), when there is any change in the current flow. The coil shape helps strengthen the electromagnetic field. This also depends on the number of windings in the coil. The more the windings, the stronger the magnetic field. A transformer comprises of at least two such coils which are insulated and wound around a core. These supposedly simple coils find uses in mission-critical applications across some crucial industries. This post discusses such important applications of electromagnetic coils in the medical, military, and aerospace sectors.

Significant Applications of Electromagnetic Coils

Significant Applications of Electromagnetic Coils

Electromagnetic inductance is a core property of these coils through which it generates voltage upon sensing any changes in the flowing current. So, they find uses in transformers, inductors, and sensors from the simplest to the most complex applications. Here are some crucial application areas of electromagnetic coils.

  • Medical: Advancements in electronics, fully or partially automated equipment have positively changed the way the medical sector functions. Likewise, electrical devices such as these coils are as much required for their normal functioning. In the medical sector, these coils find applications in ECG equipment, MRI, and CT scan devices. These coils are also used in certain surgical devices, battery charging of biomedical devices, monitoring equipment such as screens which display blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate, and other vital parameters. Heater coils also have an application in this sector for temperature control of preserved lab samples. There are air coils used for certain diagnostic procedures such as internal arterial probes. Air coils can use fine gauge wires with several windings.
  • Aerospace: In this sector, magnetic coils find a large application in switch gear systems in aircraft and naval vessels, positioning sensors, fluid control valves, accelerometers, navigation systems, voice actuation systems, and so on. Aircraft launch systems use these coils, and they have been revolutionary in guiding aircraft launches off naval carriers.
  • Military: Militaries in most countries across the world are equipped with modern devices and technology which helps them trace enemy movement from a safe distance, get access to communication technologies in the remotest places, and enhance night vision. Magnetic coils find application in most modern weaponry including missiles and rail guns, guidance systems, switch gear, and fire suppression. They find usage in devices or integrated systems which jam enemy signals and safeguard allied signals.

Considering the gravity of these mission-critical applications, tight tolerances and precision are crucial aspects. Also, complying to the required industry standards holds high importance. Another crucial aspect is resistance to extreme environments, and hence all of these magnetic coils are used in thinnest of sizes and are insulated for such mission-critical applications. They are tested with very stringent guidelines to pass all these parameters.

If you are an OEM or supplier in any of these crucial sectors and require these electromagnetic coils, ensure you source them from an experienced, reliable, and certified manufacturer or supplier. Share your specific requirements and seek customization options to get a coil that meets all requirements. Custom Coils is a well-known manufacturer of superior quality custom high voltage transformers and inductors. The company is known for its customization capabilities which help meet specific requirements of companies across many industries.