Know the Significance of Isolation Transformers

A transformer is a device which can transfer energy from an AC grid power source to any electrical equipment or building. Typically, isolation transformers are required in such applications for safety purposes to electrically isolate the powered device from the power source. This electrical isolation helps reduce electrical noise and keeps the equipment and electronics safe. This is why isolation transformers are used in many electrical and electronic applications. This post discusses why isolation transformers are important and their benefits.

Why Isolation Transformers Are Important?

Isolation transformers use magnetic flux to link the primary and secondary.  This electrically isolates the circuit connected to the primary from the circuit connected to the secondary.  Another benefit or this isolation is that it helps reduce introduced noise, even in the most sensitive devices.  These type transformers are found in many applications such as medical devices, industrial devices, and power supplies for sensitive equipment. Typically, these transformers have windings that are placed on a single ferromagnetic core that links the primary to secondary via a common flux link.  Using an isolation transformer is always safer than connecting an electronic device directly to a power grid.

Isolation Transformer

Benefits of Isolation Transformers

As mentioned before, safety of an electronic device is the key benefit of an isolation transformer. Here are a few more benefits of isolation transformers:

  • Devices can be protected from external short circuits and damage from an electrical surge.
  • Circuits can be separated with the help of isolation transformers by electrically separating the primary and secondary windings.
  • As mentioned before, it can eliminate electromagnetic interference and is useful in sound and amplifier applications.
  • With these transformers, you can perform the testing of electronic and electrical devices without having to connect directly to the grid.
  • Often times they can reduce the radio frequency noise generated by the high- power devices on a circuit.
  • They can help cut down the power surges and fluctuations allowing electrical equipment to function seamless when they isolated from the power source.
  • These versatile isolation transformers can also help prevent current leakage.
  • These transformers ease the job of an electrician and make it risk free and safe.

If you are looking for isolation transformers for your application, you will want to source them from a well-established and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Custom Coils has been manufacturing quality transformers of various types for many years. The company can provide you isolation transformers in various configurations to help you meet your application requirements.