Things to Know About Power Transformers

Transformer as an electrical equipment is used in varied commercial and industrial sectors in order to transfer energy between two or more circuits with the help of electromagnetic induction. A transformer consists of primary winding and secondary winding with varying magnetic fields, which further induce a varying electromotive force or voltage. Transformers are thus strategically designed to change one voltage level to another within power networks depending upon the applications. There are different types of transformers and this blog would specifically talk about power transformers.

Power transformer

What is a Power Transformer?

Every electrical system consists of a power supply circuit, which further consists of electromagnetic components. Power transformers are these electromagnetic components of a power circuit that transfer or divert electrical energy between two or more circuits through the method of electromagnetic induction. This specific type of transformer is used where a large amount of electrical energy or voltage level is required. A power transformer is also utilized in situations with low power necessities.

What are the basic applications of power transformers?

Power transformers are widely used in several sectors like power stations, transformer stations, auxiliary plants, industrial operations, reactors and so on. It plays an important role when it comes to modifying and regulating the specific power to a voltage level that is suitable for a given application.

Another significant application that is managed by power transformers is to raise the voltage of electricity before it is transmitted to long distances through wires. The ability of power transformers to increase the voltage of the electric power eventually leads to economic transmission of power supply over long distances through wires. The process greatly reduces the chances of power loss due to low currents.

Hence, power transformers are used in all the electric operations where the received voltage of specific equipment can be reduced or increased according to the desired application.

What are the various types of power transformers available in the market?

The different types of power transformers manufactured for numerous kinds of applications are step up and step down transformers, high voltage transformers, current transformers, isolation transformers, dry type transformers, oil filled transformers, low voltage transformers, flame proof transformers and so on.