Fundamentals of a Step-Up Transformer

A transformer being a crucial electrical device is available in various forms and types, each with its own applicable benefits.This blog will aim at enlightening the readers about step-up transformers, their advantages, and mode of operation.

What is a Step-Up Transformer?

Step Up Transformer

A transformer, whose secondary voltage is higher than its primary voltage, can be defined as a step-up transformer. This type of transformer is known for its ability of stepping up or raising the received voltage to meet particular applications. For example, in a country with an 110v electric supply, step-up transformers are used to power 220v products as they can increase the voltage of electricity.

How a Step-Up Transformer Works?

When alternating current is passed through the primary coil or the input of the transformer, a changing magnetic field is created in the iron core. This magnetic field then activates AC current with similar frequency in the secondary coil or the output of the transformer. Generally, a step-up transformer comes with more turns of wire in the secondary coil that increases the received voltage in the secondary coil. This way, it is called a step-up transformer as the secondary output voltage is larger than the primary input voltage.The amount of output voltage in comparison with the input voltage increases twofold if the secondary coil has twice as many turns of wire.

Hence, in simple words, a step up transformer increases the electricity voltage from lower to higher in the secondary coil according to the requirement or the application.The voltage is increased from the primary winding to the secondary winding in a way that makes the power supply adaptable with the equipment. This means, if you are supposed to use an electrical device that operates with 220v and the main power supply is just 110v; the step-up transformer will increase the 110v to a level that will comply with the power requirement of the given device.

However, before using any form of transformers with an electric appliance, make sure to check its wattage capacity.

Advantages of using Step-up Transformers

The major global breakthrough brought by step-up transformers is led by its ability to transfer electricity to remotely located towns and villages all over the world. The usage of step-up transformer kept electricity prices from rising to unaffordable heights and at the same time it made transportation of electricity to far off places an inexpensive affair.

No wonder, several developing nations have bought used step-up transformers to use electricity to lighten up isolated areas at reasonable prices.