Understanding the Different Types of Transformers

Power Transformer

If your organization is looking at investing in a voltage transformer, it is important that you understand the basics about this electronic equipment. There are three basic types of transformers that are used in industrial applications – low, medium, and high voltage transformers. The right type of transformer needs to be chosen by considering your energy requirements, which is rated in kilo volt amperes (kVA).

Differentiating Between Low, Medium, and High Voltage Transformers

Each transformer type is designed to meet specific application requirements. Choosing the wrong transformer can lead to disastrous consequences.

Low voltage transformers

Also, known as a magnetic low voltage transformer, this transformer type is well-known for its application in consumer and commercial sectors. Generally, these transformers reduce the number of volts to the required amount for an application. For example, it can reduce 120 volts of power down to 24 or even 12 volts. Their benefits include low loss of power, light weight design, and small sizes, thus allowing for easy mounting. Common applications of low voltage transformers include renewable power generation, railway transport, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Medium voltage transformers

Medium voltage transformers are generally found in power distribution systems for localities in cities. You will often find these mounted on utility poles with tamperproof enclosures. Common applications for this transformer type include schools, shopping malls, and residential areas.

While the general power range provided is anywhere between 2,400 volts and 35,000 volts, the amount of voltage used depends on the application. For example, if power is being supplied to a residential locality, then the distributed voltage to all homes can as low as 120 volts.

High voltage transformers

As the name suggests, high voltage transformers are utilized only in extremely large power transmission applications. The voltage range of this equipment starts from 35,000 volts, and can be increased up to 230,000 volts. These transformers are also called step-up transformers as they can convert the primary low voltage to high transmission voltage. However, they can also be used to perform step-down voltage conversion. Some of the common applications of high voltage transformers include pulsed power systems, high power spark switches, and large plasma displays.

This basic information about the three transformer types can make it easier for you to select the right transformer for your organization. Ensure that you have a trusted supplier who can provide you the right details to help you make the right choice.