What is A Flyback Transformer?

A flyback transformer is traditionally used to generate high voltage signals at a high frequency. Many modern flyback applications allow for high voltage designs (up to or above 30kV) that help reduce component count in switched-mode power supplies.
What is the difference between a flyback transformer and a regular transformer?

The basic difference between a regular transformer and a flyback transformer lies in the design and construction of these devices. The later stores the input power during one phase of operation and then generates the “kick back” voltage during another phase. This energy is stored temporarily in a magnetic field inside the flyback transformer. Flyback transformer operates at frequencies ranging from 20 KHz to 200 KHz.

Flyback Transformer

Where is a flyback transformer used?

This transformer has various applications such as:
•  Biomedical equipment
•  Aeronautical and telecommunication equipment
•  Applications with high switching frequency (up to 250 KHz)
•  Continuous mode as well as discontinuous mode applications

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