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Flyback transformers are one of the most effective switch mode transformers available for use in cutting-edge power supplies, state-of-the-art telecommunication systems, modern aerospace systems and reliable biomedical equipment. These categories of transformers take energy from the input voltage and store it in a magnetic field, and subsequently release the energy to the output sometimes later. Low cost, design simplicity and high performance make these transformers extremely popular and widely employed for applications with high switching frequencies up to 250 KHz.

Flyback Transformer

Custom Coils – Amongst the best and the leading

Custom Coils is amongst the most preeminent transformer manufacturers on the market with expertise in designing and engineering standard and custom flyback transformers. Custom Coils manufacturers a wide range of flyback sizes and geometries at many different output levels. These custom transformers can also be designed to meet international safety regulations and standards.

With established manufacturing facilities, advanced winding techniques and other fabrication procedures, we have been successfully meeting the demands of customers across multifarious industry sectors. With the meticulous support of a team of engineers and other technicians, we deliver customized transformer designs as per the required turns ratio, drive levels, DC resistance, isolation voltage, current handling capacity, inductance, and mounting configurations.

Custom Coils flyback transformers have been fabricated using high grade ferrite cores with windings encapsulated using high-quality insulation systems such as epoxy compounds and silicone based compounds. This superior quality built using best-in-class materials available, makes them perfect for use in DC/DC converters for industrial controls and all types of test equipment. Also they work great in either continuous or discontinuous modes.

With several years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom transformers and other specialty magnetic components, we understand the expectations of customers and the ways to fulfill their requirements. Meet your expectations by requesting a quote for Flyback Transformer at Custom Coils. Call us today at 605.934.2460 or e-mail us at for more details of our products and services.