What Separates Toroidal Coil Transformers from the Other Transformers?

Custom Coils (1)Various commercial electrical devices and applications like computers, televisions, and audio systems utilize small transformers of varying core shapes. Often the cores used in transformer presents several issues such as core loss, flux leakage, and high Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). To overcome such challenges toroidal transformers are used. These transformers have gained popularity due to their high efficiency, compact size, and lighter weight. The core of the toroidal transformer is shaped like a ring and made from several different type materials depending on the application. During the construction of the toroid transformer, typically the entire core is covered with the copper wire windings. Leakage flux or the magnetic flux escaping the core of the toroidal transformers is low because of its symmetry. This contributes to an increase in overall efficiency of these transformers. Do you want to learn more about the toroidal transformer? Continue reading this post to learn more about the beneficial features, and applications of the same

What are the Advantages of Toroidal Transformers?

Toroidal transformers are preferred over other transformers in various industries due to its following benefits:

  • Low Stray Magnetic Field: Magnetic stray field within any toroidal transformer is 85-90% lesser compared to a conventional transformer. The toroid transformers are devoid of any air gap. Also, the uniformly wound primary and secondary windings result in a low radiated magnetic field. This leads to an improved performance and a better efficiency.
  • Easy Mounting: Toroidal transformers are easy-to-mount. It helps to reduce the maintenance and downtime associated with the transformers. The transformer can be mounted easily either by resin center potting, or centering washer with a through hole and screw/bolt.
  • High Efficiency: Windings in the toroidal transformers are uniformly distributed over the core. This helps reduce the winding resistance of the transformer, thus allowing it to utilize maximum flux density. This results in high electrical efficiency.
  • Compact Design: Toroidal transformers are smaller in weight and size in comparison to conventional transformers, because they comprise of fewer materials. Also, the inclusion of centering washer, nuts, and bolts, makes the transformer become 40-50% lighter and smaller.


What are the applications of Toroidal Coil Transformers?

The following are some industrial applications utilizing these transformers:

  • CNC controlled machines
  • Stabilized power supplies
  • Microprocessor based units
  • Motor control equipment
  • Industrial control equipment

All the aforementioned benefits suggest, why the toroidal transformers are slowly replacing the conventional transformers. Therefore, it becomes important to source them from a reliable supplier. If you are seeking a quality toroidal transformer, you should always consider a reliable transformer manufacturer like Custom Coils. The company has been providing high-quality custom toroidal power transformers for various industrial applications for many years.