Providing Custom Solutions for Heavy Industrial Applications

Many of Custom Coils’ products are used in what is called heavy industrial. These are general industrial companies specializing in design, manufacturing, and engineering. As this is a very large sector, we provide custom industrial transformers as key components to many heavy industrial applications. While the basic designs of the transformers are standard, we can incorporate custom features or connections to meet special requirements.

Diverse Application Solutions

The vast number of applications gives us immense opportunities to showcase not only our manufacturing capabilities but also our design creativity. Given below are a few examples of how our products are used in heavy duty industrial applications.

  • Our pulse transformers can be custom designed to support wired Local Area Networks (LANs). By using a high-performance ferrite core, the transformer reduces power losses and prevents waveform distortions.
  • Power transformers can support electricity conversion. They are used in industrial plants to transform electricity to different voltage rails and to power different internal applications. They can be custom designed with multiple taps as well as voltage regulators.
  • Step-up transformers perform similar tasks to power transformers for heavy duty applications. They are the primary choices for supporting electricity transformation within manufacturing plants and can be used to power custom equipment in different site locations.
  • Custom transformers can help in the electrolysis process used with industrial metals. Examples of the metals include zinc, chlorine, copper, and aluminum. The transformers can provide safe and quick completion of the process for chemical industries.
  • Custom inductors and transformers can be used in various aviation applications. The inductors can be used in guidance and control systems. Custom sized transformers can provide compact power to aeronautical power supplies and navigation controls.

These are just a few examples of how transformers can be used to support heavy duty machinery applications. We can provide inductors and transformers in custom designs, sizes, and configurations. We ensure that our products will meet your application requirements. Contact us if you would like to know more about our products and services.


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