Avail Custom Step Up Transformers from Customs Coils

An increasing global demand for energy calls for improved electrical equipment, particularly transformers to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. We at Customs Coils have been offering standard and custom step up transformers for over 40 years. Every step up unit is manufactured per customer specifications and international standards.

Step up units are used to convert low voltage, high current AC into high voltage, low current AC. Hence they have been used to provide reliable transmission and distribution of high voltage power to many industrial and commercial electrical systems that require high voltage to operate.
Step Up Transformer

Step up transformers have more turns on the secondary coil than on the primary coil. Therefore, the secondary coil produces more voltage compared to primary coil. These kinds of transformers generate higher output voltage than input voltage.

We have been manufacturing custom designed step up units for years. We build custom step up units utilizing our seasoned engineering abilities and innovative production techniques. We carefully incorporate the requirements of our customers in the design and manufacture of custom products. By placing a custom order, you will get a chance to work in closely with our proficient engineers who will create a design and quote your project. With over four decades of service in custom transformer manufacturing, we have gained recognition due to our quality designs.

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