Low Voltage Transmission using Step-Down Transformer

Have you ever thought of how power is supplied to your simple house hold appliance and sophisticated industrial equipment? Do you know the technology used in low power and high power transmission between circuits? Yes, it is the transformer that does all these. Invention of transformers can be considered as revolutionary as it changed the way power is transmitted and voltage is regulated. We have step-up transformers designed to increase the voltage and step-down to reduce electrical voltage.

We, Custom Coils are the premiere source for step-down transformers. We provide customized high-quality transformers for decades to industries world-wide. We have countless numbers of satisfied customers who trust our products and hence continue dealing with us.

Step Down Transformer

Why Us?

  • Dependable source
  • Solid and reliable manufacturing techniques
  • Proven leader in the magnetic industry
  • Custom design option based on the customer needs

You can use our step-down transformers for 110V to 220V conversion, 220V to 110V conversion, 1:1 isolation, small power transmission and in igniters.

When you call to Custom Coils with your step-down transformer requirements, you will get the opportunity to associate directly with our engineers. You will be updated regularly about the project progress right from the design stage to the sophisticated manufacturing stage. In addition, we assign a quality team to look on each project to ensure the desired quality and specifications of our customers are met.

We will be happy to address your queries and update information regarding the introduction and upgradation of products. Call us today, we like to associate and work with you in your future endeavors.

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