Partner with Custom Coils to Receive High Quality Hydrogen Coils

Custom Coils, a recognized U.S. based manufacturer of custom transformers and inductors has been manufacturing superior quality electrical coils for almost 50 years. We have expertise, experience and tested manufacturing procedures to manufacture Hydrogen coils using 2000 turns of 23 AWG magnet wire wound around a National Magnetics Ferrite toroid core (OD = 3.32, ID = 1.725, HT = 0.500). We use high quality double coated magnet wire and high temperature insulation with a temperature rating of 200 degrees C and a NEMA class MW35C rating in the making of these coils. We use one continuous wire to wind 2000 turns, hence there is no splicing.

Custom Coil’s hydrogen coils have:Hydrogen Coils

Magnetic Inductance:

  • 800mH 25%
  • DC Resistance: 12 Ω ± 15%

Physical Specifications:

  • Outside Diameter: Go-No-Go Test using 4″ CPVC pipe schedule 80
Finished coils are dipped in black epoxy resin. This is done to provide additional protection to Hydrogen coils. We 100% test all of our coils before shipping them to our customers worldwide. We have proficient and highly knowledgeable professionals who verify the inductance and wire resistance of the finished coils.You can trust us for all your custom transformer needs. We understand your requirements and can make special variations of hydrogen coils as per your request. Contact us today to design a customized transformer coil that fits well in your project.

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