Reliable and High Performing Step Down Transformers from Custom Coils

Brilliantly designed and engineered step down transformers have been employed in power stations worldwide for safe and secure power transmission. They have been the most reliable solution available for stepping down AC voltage from one level to another.

Step Up Transformer

After determining the need for your step down power transformers, you should seek partnering with a high quality manufacturer who can offer precision engineered custom transformers. Being amongst the popular manufacturers of custom transformers and other magnetic components, Custom Coils has achieved a substantial competitive advantage on the market due to the continued delivery of high performing and customized step down transformers at value driven prices.

Custom Coils utilizes specialized techniques and innovative production processes for manufacturing high quality step down units. We possess the required expertise in delivering these transformers in a myriad of configurations and specifications to meet your specific requirements.

These reliable and versatile transformers have been utilized globally for applications including 110V to 220V conversion, 220V to 110V conversion, 1:1 isolation and low power transmission. With many years of experience, we have gained the international reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality designs that perform well in any condition.

We have a team of well rounded engineers and other technicians who understand your requirements well and can incorporate your ideas into the designs of step down transformers.

Partner with us today to procure best-in-class step down power transformers for use in your most stringent and demanding applications.

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