Why Prefer Isolation Transformer for Sensitive Electronic Equipment?

Isolation transformers, as the name implies, are the most commonly used transformers that isolate a circuit from alternating current. They can be used for voltage step-up and step-down applications across industries. Composed of two separate windings with a magnetic shield in between, these transformers isolate different sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow, errant power spikes, and erratic main power supply. The transformers, which offer galvanic isolation, are designed in such a way to block transmission of DC signals, but allow AC signals from one circuit to the other. They can be customized to match the load in the electrical system with high insulation resistance, whilst providing electromagnetic, and electrostatic shielding. Is that all? No there are several things that you need to know about these transformers. Read this post to know more

Isolation Transformer

Reasons to Invest in Isolation Transformers

As mentioned earlier, these transformers are the smarter, simpler, and effective devices available for the purpose of isolating two circuits electrically. There are several other exciting features/advantages that contribute to their vast popularity and wide acceptance across industries. A few amongst them are listed as follow:

  • They ensure reduced power surges. This allows the electrical equipment to run smoothly without the risk of being damaged due to sudden current fluctuation.
  • They guarantee optimum safety to the electric equipment as they prevent getting spikes and harmonics from the mains.
  • These transformers isolate equipment from the noisy power line and block interference caused by ground loops.
  • Isolation transformers minimize electrical and electromagnetic interruptions from other power sources

They are extremely durable and contain superior wiring and connection terminators to assure unfailing performance for years.

Where are Isolation Transformers Used?

Specially designed to maintain equipment separation from a power source, isolation transformers find their applications in a wide spectrum of industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. A few amongst the major roles of isolation transformers include:

  • Creating a local ground-bonded neutral
  • Reducing harmonic currents
  • Managing abnormally high or low mains voltage
  • Eliminating ground loops

Thus, isolation transformers are found in different electronic items that fail to handle alternating current directly. They can be customized to meet the customer’s circuitry needs for applications in:

  • Computers
  • Measurement devices
  • Electrical controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial electrical systems
  • Commercial appliances (audio, radio, and CRT)
  • Laboratory equipment
  • power adapters for laptop computers, cell phones
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Communication Equipment
  • CNC Machines

Isolation transformer reduces the potential risks of electric shock, therefore, proven to be an excellent option for sensitive electrical equipment. Would you like to get these transformers customized to best match your electrical circuits and systems? Get it done from the manufacturer who is a specialist in the field. Custom Coils is one amongst the esteemed isolation transformer manufacturers, who are committed to providing complete design, production, and shipping of custom isolation transformers to the right specifications in quick turnaround times.